Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Dozen Bags- January Bag Finish

It's time to line the bag and finish up. After sewing around the lining from side marker to side marker (which leaves the top open), put the bag inside the lining, right sides together. To add a little extra ease in opening the finished bag, you might want to stitch the lining just a little bit below the markers- leaving a slightly larger opening. Not much- just a little bit. I found that the finished bag was a little tight- I wanted it to open a little more.
Stitch around the top opening, leaving an area open to turn the bag. I did a lot of pinning, as the knitted bag was pretty stretchy and I wanted to make sure it didn't slip out of place before it was stitched.

Turn right side out, and lightly press. Whip stitch the opening (where my hand is).

The pattern calls for 11 1/2" x 4 1/4 " D-shaped bamboo handles. Handbag handles are pretty easy to find in craft stores these days. I've ordered several styles of handles to sell on my website, and will be adding them soon, but I don't have this size yet. The ones I used for this bag are by Purse n-alize-it!

Fold the little extensions over the handles and hand stitch them down. I found that mine had a pretty wide gap around the middle 2 openings and I took a little tuck to cinch them up. This made a small gather inside in the lining, which I think looks cute.

We're all done! Enjoy your bag!