Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angie's new hobby

Angie Steele is a relatively new quilter. She sent this picture of her daughter, Mary Grace, snuggled up in her Turning Twenty Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt. I believe this is Angie's first completed quilt. Didn't she do a great job?

Angie is doing a Block of the Month (I think at her LQS). She told me that she loves it because she learns a lot and has fun going. I gained a lot of my basic quilting skills doing BOM's with my friend, Diane, many years ago. Each month, the shop owner would give tips about how to put that particular block together and I didn't even realize how much I had learned until I was finished. I highly recommend BOM's- even if you aren't a new quilter. You learn and you meet people and have fun. I hope you send us a picture when this quilt is complete, Angie! I put 2 entries in this month's giveaway- thanks for sharing your photos. You are off to a great star. I hope you are quilting for many, many years!


Angie said...

Thank you Sue for being so sweet and encouraging. I have enjoyed getting to chat with you about quilting. I can't understand why I didn't start this so much sooner! Now I see why my grandmother and great-grandmother did so many quilts. Theirs were just regular square blocks but I treasure the ones that they gave to me! It's awesome to look at the quilt and know that years ago my Granny made that and thought to give it to me! It may be ratty but its oh so treasured!!!

Sue said...

We think a lot alike! I love things for the history they hold. For this reason, I love old books that were once owned and read by loved ones generations ago.

Maybe someday you will have a granddaughter who will feel the same way about YOUR quilts!