Thursday, December 3, 2009

Billy and Dolly

I'm planning to spend the next few days catching up on some "old news". I have several pictures on my memory stick from our trip and some random things that I'd like to share with you before I clear them from the stick. So... bear with me over the weekend as I share random pictures from the last month that made me smile.

First- here's Dolly and Billy. That's not their real names (if they even have names) but that's what we named them. My quilt shop in located in a building on our property, down the hill from our house. One morning, my husband and I were walking down there to fill some orders and we were greeted by livestock. Bear in mind that I grew up in Philadelphia, and lived in Dallas, Texas and Beaverton, Oregon until 2 years ago. I'm enjoying life in the country, but there's still a lot of "city girl" in me. I wasn't prepared to be greeted by a goat and a sheep at my shop door. I'm not sure one can ever be prepared for that, but I digress.

So-- Billy (the goat) and Dolly (the sheep- get it- the first cloned sheep was named Dolly?) just stood there. They wouldn't budge. We called all the neighbors we knew and tried to find their owners, with no luck. Eventually, they wandered up the hill and decided to spend the afternoon right above my lavender field. They disappeared that evening and I thought they had returned home. The next day, our dog was going nuts and we found that he was barking at- you guessed it- Billy and Dolly on our front lawn. These two were inseparable. They went everywhere together. (Best friends??) More calls, more shushing them- trying to find someone to keep them in a barn while we locate owners. After several days of spotting them, a good neighbor finally found their owners, who had been out of town and didn't realize they were loose. I'm happy to report that they are now back where they belong, safe and sound.

It still makes me smile to think of Billy and Dolly--- walking up the road together--- side by side. It doesn't take much to amuse me. :-)