Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gwen's Flower Garden

PRETTY! Gwen Davis (aka Pokey) send me this picture of her latest quilt. She must have had a lot of fun collecting all of these floral fabrics! I'm sure Gwen can do Y-seams in her sleep by now!
Look carefully at the purple block- her free motion quilting looks like petals of the flower.

Thanks for sending the photos, Gwen. I put 2 entries in the giveaway for you.

Addendum from Sue Dec 8th:
Gwen got a great laugh out of this! There are NO Y-SEAMS in this quilt! Click to enlarge the photo- can you see the seams? They're half-hexagons. Sharon says she does everything "easy peasy". Well--- ya; coulda fooled ME! This doesn't look like an easy peasy quilt at all. LOVE IT (she said, with a blush!)


Pokey said...

Thank you, Sue! Fun to see this on a different blog, I'm blessed!