Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jill's Strips n' Curves Quilt

Jill Bunis sent me this photo of her "first" quilt.  It seems that this was an on-again-off-again project that took her 5 years.  Well, it was worth the wait!  Jill was excited when she posted this on a message board and Louisa Smith (author of the Strips n' curves books and designer of the templates) commented on it.  She says it's the quilt that sparked her passion.  I've just discovered Jill's blog and I've become a follower.  It's chock full of eye candy!  Her selvage valances are amazing!

Jill gets lots of entries in the Holiday Giveaway- she commented, follows my blog, told her own blog readers about my goodies and sent me a picture!

I've had a lot of comments and entries in the giveaway and lots of readers have taken advantage of the blog special of 25% off the templates.  A few have asked me if NEW blog followers count- OF COURSE they do!  And one asked me if I accepted international entries- ABSOLUTELY!  I'm always happy to know that quilters around the world are reading.  I received calls from 2 wonderful Canadian quilters today.  I'm thrilled that they are new customers.

Thanks, again, for sending us a picture of your fabulous quilt, Jill!!!  And good luck in the giveaway drawing.


Jill said...

Thanks for featuring my Strips N Curves quilt! It truly was a labor of love, and the quilt that started my quilting obsession!

Stop by and visit my blog-


Needled Mom said...

First quilt? It is gorgeous!

Brenda said...

Glad to know that your first quilt (quite a wonderful job) has led to the "quilting obsession." It's one of those "highly contagious" things. One of the most obvious symptoms is the desire to start building a "stash" so be alert!

Congratulations on a very impressive first quilt.

Barb said...

I missed your giveaway...what is up with that?

Congrats to the winner!!