Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Simple Baby Blanket

I made (and am in the process of making) several baby quilts for my new granddaughter.  The one I'll show you today was SOOOOOO simple!!!  

I went to the store ('cause I don't sell this stuff in my shop) and found some cute owl fabric in a plush fabric that I knew would go well in her nursery.  I just got 1/4 yard of it.  Then I got 1/4 yard each of lots of other plush, soft, fuzzy stuff that would coordinate.  These are all different brands- sort of like Minkee fabric.

 Then I cut it into the largest squares I could get out of the 1/4 yard cuts, allowing for some straightening.  I think I ended up with 8" squares.  It doesn't matter- just as long as they are the same.  At this point, my sewing area was covered in fuzz.  This stuff sheds BIG time!  Some people use a walking foot- I used a ton of pins.  It's super slippery.  I just sewed them in long strips, then sewed the strips together.  You just HAVE to go slowly- and use lots of pins.  Then I had a little date with the lint brush.  Don't wear black when you make one of these.  I used a piece of yellow flannel for the back.  No batting- it's super heavy as it is.  I put the top and the backing right sides together, stitched all around the outside leaving an opening to turn.  When it was turned right side out, I stitched all around the edge on the right side.... then did a little tack stitch with the machine at each intersection of blocks.  (Kind of like tying the quilt, but with the machine).

It's not an heirloom quilt.  I wanted it to be something my DIL can throw in the floor and the baby can make messes on and can be thrown in the washer.  It's to be "loved"... not protected. 

See the trees on the nursery wall?  Baby's mom and I did them ourselves!  We projected a tree onto the wall and sponged over the projected picture.  I really like how they turned out.  What a memory THAT day was!  To see the trees on the wall, you had to have the room dark.  Envision a very pregnant woman and her old mother in law in a dark room with sponges full of paint.  It's a fun memory.

And here are a few of this new grandmother's favorite one-day-old photos.  Precious photos of my son holding his new daughter.  (She's learning to pull his beard, already!)

Daddy's little girl .

 Gotta love baby toes.  :-)


WoolenSails said...

I love how you did the trees, nice idea. I do have a projector and use it for rugs and large patterns, but a nice way to do murals.

Such precious photos, they are so sweet and precious.


Needled Mom said...

LOVE the first baby picture. Look at the dimples too!

Those trees turned out so well. I feel like I am in a forest. What a calming sleep she will have!

Those fabrics make for the softest quilts for babies. She will love that one.

Anonymous said...

Adorable Sue you will be the best Grandma. A one day old smile for her Daddy!!! Congrats.

quiltmom anna said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your grand daughter. I love the photo of her with her dad. A very Happy Father's Day to you..What a gorgeous little girl and a beautiful idea for a blanket. I have a bunch of leftover minkee that I could not bring myself to throw away and this idea would be a perfect use for it- I think I have some bright colored fleece in my collection as well. Thanks for sharing your idea.
Warmest regards,

Judy S. said...

Brave you, sewing on all that minkee! You are right, it makes for lots of fuzz. Cute photos! WHat's the baby's name?